Watch our current litters grow up here! Please enjoy seeing our current litters as they grow up. More litters arriving this Summer! Keep checking! Scroll Down to see….


Who LOVES Coffee?!  We do, We do!!  Our NorthWest Coffee Litter has arrived with SIX tasty cups…or pups!!  They are sooo dark and they all have a little dollop of cream on toes and chests to make them juusst right! Born on May 1 and heading home on June 26th!


The Pacific Northwest Litter is here!!  Born on April 27 with all TEN of them!!  A new NSL Record!!  Most litters are only about 5 here – we are Blessed!!

Our Radical Summer Litter has arrived!!  Born on April 24th, which is my daughter’s birthday, soooo that is awesome!!  Little Taurus babies, we better watch out!