Watch our current litters grow up here! Please enjoy seeing our current litters as they grow up. More litters arriving this Summer! Keep checking! Scroll Down to see….


Our Mama Sienna proudly gave birth to our Catching Fire litter of one – so she had to be named Katniss, right?!  This was a repeat pairing because of how much I love putting these different lines together.  Seriously, you will die when you see how quickly they mature!  And such absolute sweet miniature dolls – can’t wait to see how dynamic Katniss will be!



Our Taste of Excellence Litter is HERE!!  They’ve all arrived here at NorthStar Labradoodles.  A wonderful mix of red and apricot puppies that are going to be very solid medium ALDs.  They will be heading home on August 19 from being born on June 20!