Fees and costs for a Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle Companion Puppy from NorthStar Labradoodles is a total of $3000.  This is for our NSL Puppy that is matched with a Pet Home which includes the Reservation and Consultation Fees as well as the Adoption Fees. For a Guardian Home, the cost is a few year commitment for a NorthStar Labradoodle Puppy.

The purchase price of a NorthStar Labradoodle includes:

  • A Mulitgeneration Australian Labradoodle – a NorthStar Labradoodle Puppy! This is what everyone is seeking when they are looking for a Labradoodle!! Our puppies and dogs are the very best on the inside and out – we work really hard to keep it that way!
  • A Microchipped NorthStar Labradoodle Puppy with Documentation
  • WE ARE ONE OF THE ONLY ALAA ALD BREEDERS OFFERING THIS POTENTIALLY LIFE EXTENDING SURGERY – Our Recommended Modified Spay/Neuter Already Completed – Fallopian Tubal Ligations for Girls and Vasectomies for Boys. This allows your NSL Puppy to grow up with the health benefits of their sex organs without either of us worrying about unwanted pregnancies! We would never settle for less than the very best for our puppies!
  • Vaccination, Deworming and Health Record
  • Three-Year Health Guarantee (not 2 like most breeding programs)
  • 30-day Trial of Trupanion (your choice)to get Your NorthStar Labradoodle Puppy started on the right paw!
  • Puppy Assessment to insure the Right Puppy for the Right Family at the Right Time!
  • Early Socialization, Sensitivity Training, Crate Trained, Early Potty Training and Early Verbal Command Training for your NSL Puppy – YES! They will know how to use a Puppy Door to go outside, sit, come and sleep in their special crate!
  • Sample of High Quality Fresh or Frozen Fresh Food that Your NorthStar Labradoodle Puppy is Accustomed to for Optimal Health
  • ALAA Registration Papers and Pet Transfer Codes
  • Minimum 4th generation Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle ALAA Pedigree
  • Keepsake Snuggle Puppy Slept on here at NorthStar Labradoodles
  • Our Lifetime Support
  • Donation to Oregon Cancer Foundation
  • A Lifetime of NorthStar Puppy Love!
  • If your application is approved, you will receive an invoice with a link to pay the $500 Reservation and Consultation Fee via bank transfer or CC payment. This is 100 percent secure and will not share either of our bank information.

The avg cost of shipping is $450, which covers mandatory veterinary travel health clearances, required federal documentation, veterinary exam and clearance for travel, airline ticket, crate, bed, comfort items and transportation to the airport. If you would like to have your puppy hand delivered, we will discuss the costs and details dependent upon location.  We have a wonderful option with a friend that will hand deliver Puppy to you for the low rate of $250, plus the cost of the airline ticket for her and puppy – Wow!  Reach out to me for details.