Watch our current litters grow up here! Please enjoy seeing our current litters as they grow up. More litters arriving this Spring! Keep checking! Scroll Down to see….

Our Champagne Bubbles Litter arrived on March 25 and we just couldn’t be happier with these four little bitty cutie patties!  2 girls and 2 boys of miniature sweetness.  These miniature apricot and caramel parti puppies are going to head do their wonderful homes in time to enjoy the warmer temperatures of early summer, May 20! Our Reservation List is now Full! And, YES!  I am TOTALLY keeping one from this and am grateful for her future Guardian! 

Below are some pictures of these lovies growing up as well as Mama Heartley, Daddy Jax growing up and Heartley’s pups from her last litter with Jax is just below. Seriously, totes adorbs!! (Photos of Jax are courtesy of our friend, Dixie, owner of Springville Labradoodles)



Our “Serendipity Litter” of Miniature and Medium ALDs of a stunning array of reds arrived at NSL on March 23 and will be heading to their wonderful homes on May 18th!  I am so madly in love, I can’t hardly take my eyes away!  Have fun watching them on the PuppyCam!

Here are the pups growing up and some cute pics of their wonderful parents, Roux and Ringo (Spring Creek’s Ima Luxury Item, Too! and NorthStar’s Sirius Magic.  This bunch is going to be one to remember for sure! Thank you, Shanna Chess Photography for providing some of the pictures of Ringo.

This “Date Night Litter” of Medium ALDs of STUNNING Apricots, Creams, Chocolate and Dark Delicious Black has arrived on March 11th and head home on May 6th as temperatures start to warm up. The Reservation List is currently closed.

Below is a collage of these gorgeous parents – Millie & Bailey as adults and pups.  I mean, really, do you see these two?  Muwah!  Followed by pics of these amazing puppies!! (Some photos  are courtesy of our friend & guardian, Shanna, owner of Shanna Chess Photography)

Our Poppin’ Pup Litter arrived on March 4 and we are so excited about these 5!!  4 Adorable girls and 1 handsome boy – 2 delicious chocolates, 2 adorable partis and 1 sweet caramel puppy.  All Miniatures and bound to have the delightful personalities just like their Mama Josie and their Papa Bailey!  Welcome to the World, Littles!!  Your families are going to be so excited to meet you on April 29th!  There are NO available Reservations with this Litter. 

Below is a collage of Miss Josie, Daddy Bailey and what some of the pups may end up looking like.  Can you even stand it?!  Below that are pictures of the Pop Pups for you to enjoy!  (Some of the photos of Bailey & Josie is a courtesy of our friend and Bailey’s Guardian, Shanna, owner of Shanna Chess Photography.