Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles may need professional grooming about every 4-6 weeks to trim up their faces and make sure that their hair isn’t getting too long and prevent matting. While most groomers like their customers to come every 4 weeks or so, some owners like the mop look – we sure do! Though, we tend to cut the dogs’ coats down during Oregon’s wet winters to keep them from carrying in outdoor debris.

Doodles have wonderful coats because they do not have oils in their skin like shedding dogs do, so they do not have the “wet dog” smell and do not leave your hands feeling dirty after petting them. Nevertheless, you should still bathe your dog with a gentle shampoo every month or so. This is easy to do at home, especially since the dogs have no undercoat, which allows their hair to dry quickly.

We also recommend a daily brush for five minutes or so – the dogs love the special attention!

Make sure to check out the NSL Puppy Store (Link Here) to see the grooming tools that we suggest for keeping their soft, fleece coats beautiful.

Please review this grooming guidance from either WALA or ALAA site at WALA Grooming Page or  ALAA Grooming Manual.