A Guardian Home is an approved family that raises and cares for our breeding dogs. We select Guardian Homes because we do not kennel our breeding dogs and cannot keep all of them in our home. This program is a great way for our dogs to be raised, loved and cared for like all family pets.

We require a home inspection to place a dog in your home. Although NorthStar Labradoodles is responsible for breeding related costs (health testing, sonograms, ect.), the guardian family is responsible for all normal pet costs (veterinary care, pet insurance, vaccines, flea prevention, grooming, training, food, ect.). We will pay you a training bonus if you provide NorthStar Labradoodles with a Certificate of Accomplishment from an Agility Trial program or in a Certified Therapy Dog program.

In the Guardian Home program, an approved family cares for a puppy as a permanent member of the family. The family will raise and train the puppy throughout its pet and breeding career.

NorthStar Labradoodles owns the breeding rights and requires access to our Guardian dog a few times throughout the year for testing and breeding.

For females, we will require that she come visit us throughout the year so that she is familiar with our family. Aside from testing and breeding, she will need to stay with us a week before the puppies’ due date, until the puppies are weaned. Our Guardian Families, are welcome to come and visit at arranged times after the pups are a week old, of course!  Afterwards, the dog will return to your home to the family it knows and loves. For males, we will need him for approved pairings, which may only be within an hour’s notice.

Our Guardian Families have the benefit of the pick of the litter with no upfront cost, but need to be prepared for the additional responsibility that this entails.

Upon retirement, we will pay to have your dog spayed or neutered. Then, it will remain with your family forever!


  • These pick of the litter puppies are no charge to you – however, you are expected to provide a very high quality of care in order to “pay” for your future dog.
  • We will pay your trainer if you take the time to certify your dog in Agility Trials or as a Certified Therapy Dog
  • The puppy will be completely health tested for congenital problems at no cost to you
  • You will have the joy of owning the very best that NorthStar Labradoodles has to offer


  • Live within a three hour drive of Springfield, Oregon
  • Own your home
  • Keep the dog as an indoor pet and have a fenced yard
  • Have a schedule that does not require you to leave the dog alone for long periods of time
  • Be prepared to heavily socialize our NSL Guardian Puppy/Dog in all types of situations.
  • Commit to a very high level of professional training with our NSL Puppy/Dog – this is imperative!
  • Maintain open communication and provide regular updates and pictures. Phone pictures are fun, but we must also have regular camera quality pictures as well (e.g. notify before grooming and share pictures)
  • Bring the dog to us throughout the year
  • Commit to good health care and feed the dog quality food that we approve (preferably fresh food)
  • Cover all veterinary care aside from the genetic testing that we provide such as annual vaccines, deworm treatments, flea prevention and regular check ups
  • Have the dog covered by a pet insurance plan
  • Have the dog on a leash in public areas
  • Know the behaviors associated with intact males and females
  • Understand that the dogs are the property of NorthStar Labradoodles until their breeding career is completed and we have transferred ownership documentation to you after having them spayed or neutered.
  • Most importantly, provide the dog with lots of love!!! That’s what this is all about!

Interested in becoming a Guardian Home? Fill out the puppy application today!

Puppy Application