NorthStar Labradoodles has done a lot of research and testing to ensure that you receive the dog that you have been looking for. We understand that you are investing in your new family member and you need to make a decision with your head before you invest with your heart. We want you to understand and believe in the quality of our dogs and puppies, which is why we provide a Health Warranty that covers hereditary diseases that may be common in certain breeds such as Labradors, Cocker Spaniels and Poodles – our foundation breeds. The Health Warranty guarantees that we have tested everything from the eyes to the hips and that your dog is not prone to inherit a genetic disease. This does not mean that your dog will never have any type of health problem. Like people, dogs are susceptible to other health problems due to other factors such as food, activity and environment; therefore, we cannot guarantee the dogs’ health indefinitely.

We are invested in each of our dog and puppies. We back each with not only our Two Year Health Warranty but also our reputation. We are passionate about our dogs, puppies and program – this is why we do the regular testing that we do, the training and socialization and the modified spay/neuters that we are the only breeder to offer. It isn’t for you or us, it is for our NorthStar Labradoodles.