To ensure the integrity and genetic health of Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, we conduct a lot of testing. At NorthStar Labradoodles, we spend approximately $20,000 on purchasing and testing a dog before it ever produces its first litter. Once a litter is produced, the costs continue to increase for the discerning and caring breeders. This includes:

  • Hip and elbows testing
  • Patellar certification
  • Eye examination by a certified ophthalmologist
  • Specialized thyroid panel
  • CBC Blood Panels
  • PRA Testing
  • Completed DNA Screening of over 150 Genetic Diseases
  • DNA Profile testing to identify lineage of dogs
  • OFA Congenital Cardiac Clearance
  • High Level of continuous Professional Training
  • Legal Fees for contracts between Breeders and Pet Owners
  • Veterinary Fees for health and testing purposes
  • Vaccines and Titers in order to NOT over vaccinate our dogs
  • Homemade fresh food for our dogs and puppies to insure optimal health and growth
  • The cost of veterinary care for breeding dogs and our puppies before they head home is constantly on the rise and we have to cover those expenses.

Some of these tests are conducted every 18 months to verify the continued soundness of the dog by NorthStar Labradoodles. Not just once, as in some breeding programs that do not care to document the continued soundness of their breeding dogs. In addition, each breeding costs approximately $5,000 for breeder fees and veterinary clearances.

We also require this level of testing with dogs outside of our program as, which demands a higher cost bracket for higher quality dogs. Although some breeders do not perform this much testing, it’s important to us to prove the quality of our dogs for the love of our dogs and your peace of mind.