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NorthStar Labradoodles has Live PuppyCams!! Click Here to Watch the upcoming litters arrive when they are born and then every day as they grow up! ->NorthStar Labradoodle PuppyCam

*Update!  Faith and Brady puppies have arrived on August 9th!  High Demand Black Velvet Puppies are HERE!  #lovingit !**

NorthStar’s Awakening of the Faith and Starlight Ridge’s Macaroon have delivered a litter of big hearts and bright eyes in miniature/small medium stocky Dark Chocolates and Velvet Black packages with White NorthStars to guide our hearts into puppy snuggles and ball tossing in the park! This is our Doodle Bear Litter! This lovely couple met up and will be heading home October 4!  So much to be thankful for!  Love it!

This pairing is one eagerly anticipated having loved their puppies so much before. We had one of our very FAVORITE litters EVER with Brady and Faith’s parents who are now retired. I fretted that I would never be able to recreate the magic. But, WAIT! Faith is Bindi’s daughter!! Brady is Gus’s son….YES!! We CAN do it again!! As I discovered with their previous litters, the magic did indeed return.  These two are what Australian Labradoodles are all about. Both of them draw people in with the sheer joy and happiness that just exudes from them. Their temperaments is what we really do strive for here at NorthStar Labradoodles. They are wonderfully bonded with their families and are always trying to be helpful. Now let’s talk about our wonderful, Faith, shall we? Sweetness and Light wrapped in a coat that feels like air. I wish the internet provided a way to feel how soft her coat is. I only have one other with this soft of a coat and that is with their daughter, Rizzo that I HAD to keep!  This coat paired with Brady’s big, round fat spiral curls are going to give us coats that are incredibly soft to touch but with that curl that must be pet. Their temperaments are really what NSL is all about – raising dogs with therapy dog level personalities and temperaments. And Helloooo, Black and Chocolate puppies are the highest demand in the ALD world because just like with labs, these colors are well known for their sweet temperaments.  You DO NOT want to miss out on this litter of yummy puppies!  This wonderful couple will have some solid and stocky miniatures to small mediums that will make coming home a festive event with those happy tails and adorable faces!! EEEEEE!!!! 

These puppies have arrived at NSL on August 9th and are going home October 4th! We have JUST opened up this list, so there is still time since the Reservation List is OPEN!  There are more options below!!!


Want to know what a Faith x Brady puppy is like – this video says it all.  You want a family dog that will be amazing with your littles or can train for service or therapy work?  This is the litter that you have been looking for – I promise!  Watch This!


*Update!  Mama Josie puppies have arrived!!  Come watch on the PuppyCam!  Heading home on October 10!**

Who loves a beautiful rainbow of puppies?!  I do, I do!!  Our sweet and fun loving, NorthStar’s Moon Shadow has already created this fun and adorable magic with our Tango Wool Waltzing with Bears and we MUST do it one more time!!  Josie and Bailey will be expecting adorable chunky large miniature/small medium doods in Caramel, Parti and Chocolate shades to make us all squeal in delight.  Wait until you see how sweet they are as they stop you with their needs for belly rubs.  This is our Ice Cream Litter and they are heading home on October 10!!

What can I possibly say that I haven’t already gushed over with Josie and Bailey?!  I absolutely ADORE the puppies that these two had in early 2019.  I mean, just look at those cuties!  And are they just the most fun?!  Totally!  Josie Bear is a sweet, smart cuddle monster.  She loves all of the adventures she shares with her young family all over Oregon.  Why?  Simply because she is with them – spoiled and loved as she deserves!  Bailey Boo – this boy does love the ladies.  But don’t let that fool you!  He is such a total love bug and is such a wonderful companion to his sweet girls at home.  He gets to help keep kids and babies company at his photo studio, too!  He’s pretty special.  And together…amazing.  We have a wonderful rainbow from Caramel to Chocolate with white spots everywhere.  More importantly, they will be perfect for a fun home that loves to give belly rubs and snuggles.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!

These puppies have arrived at NSL August 15 and are going home October 10!  Eeeeee!!  Love that so much!!  We have JUST opened up this list of 7 puppies, so there is still time since the Reservation List is OPEN!  There are more options below!!!

Below is a collage of Mama Josie, Daddy Bailey and what their last litter looked like plus the current pups.  Can you even stand it?!  Just for you to enjoy!  (Some of the photos of Bailey & Josie is a courtesy of our friend and Bailey’s Guardian, Shanna, owner of Shanna Chess Photography.)

**Update!  Mama Poppy has puppies confirmed and on their way!!  Eeeee!!  Little Muppets on their way and arriving near Labor Day!  Good Job, Ringo!!**

Oooooh, YEAH BABY!!!  Looking for a NorthStar Dood that is pure joy and fun with a gaze that will melt you?  Well, we have some super smart and cuddly ALD puppies that we are waiting to arrive near Labor Day!!  Are you dying?!  I mean, seriously!  These Red and Apricot puppies are going to be the most adorable muppets Evah!!  Wait – stop the presses!!  Did I just come up with the theme for this litter?!  I think I just did!  This will be our Muppets Litter for sure! 

Poppy And Ringo!  A total match made in Heaven!  Poppy was this teeny tiny little puppy (see the little one in the picture below – that’s her!) that never knew how small she was.  Full of fun, cuddles and personality – absolutely NO ONE could resist this little bit of fluff!  And then she went to her Guardian Home and she GREW!  Everyone who meets just laughs, she is so smart and so funny.  Just a perfect ALD goofball.  But she has that gaze and that intuition that is uncanny.  She UNDERSTANDS you and knows when she is needed to help let go of the stress of the day.  She really is that perfect balance and I can’t wait to meet her puppies! Now Ringo Starr (ummm, how perfect is this name?!) is just a drop dead gorgeous piece of studliness!  I’ve said it before but this guy LOVES cuddles, adventure and family!  Like his Mama, he is incredibly smart and loves to figure out puzzles and follow his nose to find something fun to share.  He looks right into you with those eyes – it slays me.  He really does understand what us Hoomans are talking about!  I knew he was a keeper as soon as he opened his eyes and crawled into my lap as a newborn.  Totally my buddy and a pillow stealer like his Mama.  Both of these dogs are simply the embodiment of Joy and Intuition!  Just like our other pups in these lines, those seeking family or therapy lines, this is a one stop shop.  Fun and cuddly, but so smart for advanced training.  These puppies will be simply to die for!!

These little Muppets will be Medium with a rainbow of Red to Apricot in color!!  This Reservation List and Waiting Lists are currently OPEN with confirmed pregnancy!!  Perfect timing for puppies to come home for fun Fall pictures!! Keep scrolling for more options below…

Here is a collage of our Poppy and Ringo as pups and grown up!  Aren’t they perfect?!  (Professional Photos of Poppy and Ringo are courtesy of our friend, Shanna, owner of Shanna Chess Photography.)


**Update:  Mama Millie is in Season and ready for her Rendezvous with her favorite Stud, Papa Bailey!!**

Our Mama, NorthStar’s Magical Midnight Rendezvous will be expecting a mix of Stunning Creams, Apricots, Chocolates and Dark Delicious Blacks with ADORABLE little spots with the ever so happy gentleman, Tango Wool Waltzing with Bears!! These puppies will be perfect Mediums and you will be enslaved by their puppy gazes and soft coats!! This litter will be our Magical Fall Litter!!

We just LOVE the temperaments of these two, they are truly a match made in Heaven! Both come from therapy & service lines being wicked smart and amazingly sweet – it isn’t a surprise.  Their offspring will give us puppy gazes that will make us all weak at the knees.  Their last litter together was pure magic and I cannot wait to meet their new siblings!!  Millie!!  She is just an AMAZING and loving girl – happy, smart, floppy lovebug that just loves to be with her family having fun.  Millie is a wonderful example of an outstanding combination of two stellar therapy/service lines and I expect more of the same in this litter.  It will be our absolute pleasure having her here to mother her own and other puppies – just like her mama.  Like our doods are known for, Millie is incredibly intuitive with her people if they are hurting and makes sure to cuddle and allow them to rub her tummy while she paws the air making you laugh. Let’s chat about our stud muffin, Bailey, that we have the honor of sharing with the wonderful Cherry Lane Labradoodles is the penultimate gentleman and just an absolute joy! He loves everyone that he meets and has such a steady and loving temperament. He loves being able to visit other doggies when he has company or when he’s visiting us here. Just a warm soul in a beautiful soft, parti coat.  He has mesmerizing eye contact and wants nothing more than to be with people. He adores his family and playing with his two little people is just the icing on his doggy cake. This is exactly what we are seeking in the studs that we use and are so grateful for this incredible boy. We are expecting highly trainable, sweet, intuitive, wicked smart and silly pups that LOVE the water and playing!  If you are looking for a fun, smart, medium ALD….look no further, you’ve found the perfect litter right here! 

This “Magical Fall Litter” of Medium ALDs of STUNNING Apricots, Creams, Chocolate and Dark Delicious Black will arrive by October 4th and head home just after Thanksgiving – how perfect is that?!  So much to be Thankful for AND the puppy will be old enough to actually enjoy the holidays with!  How cute will those pictures be with the family??!!  The Reservation List is currently OPEN with only 3 spots left available!  These lines are always in high demand – so don’t wait too long! Keep scrolling if you would like to see other future options.

Below is a collage of these gorgeous parents – Millie & Bailey as adults and pups.  I mean, really, do you see these two?  Muwah!  I will be updating soon with pictures from their last litter.  (Some photos  are courtesy of our friend & guardian, Shanna, owner of Shanna Chess Photography)

More Litters are planned for both Miniatures and Mediums with (in order) Rizzo, Betty, Lex, McKenzie & Sophie paired with Bailey, Ringo and Jagger for Late Summer, Fall and Winter 2019-20.  Updates and profiles will be coming soon.  Curious now and have questions, feel free to ask!

Guardian Home Opportunities for 2019! We are really excited to be adding future potential girls and boys to our program this year! We are seeking more Guardians for both Miniature and Medium dogs in our upcoming litters and dogs that we will be purchasing this year. If you need to add a little piece of deliciousness to your family, please go to our Guardian Page here – Guardian Home Opportunity! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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