Thank you for taking a peek at NorthStar Labradoodles! Here, you’ll find current and upcoming litters. If you are interested in reserving a puppy, please visit our Prospective Owners page and fill out an application.

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Litters are listed in birth order.  Please review them to see if we have current availability highlighted in red in each litter posting.


**Update:  Mama Josie has had a couple of very successful dates with Papa Bailey – once again!!  So excited for the pups to IN ONE WEEK! **

Who loves a beautiful rainbow of puppies?!  I do, I do!!  Our sweet and fun loving, NorthStar’s Moon Shadow has already created this fun and adorable magic with our Tango Wool Waltzing with Bears in the past and we MUST do it one more time!!  Josie and Bailey will be expecting adorable chunky large miniature/small medium doods in Caramel, Parti and Chocolate shades to make us all squeal in delight.  Wait until you see how sweet they are as they stop you with their needs for belly rubs.  This is our Pop Fun Litter and they are heading home in March!!

What can I possibly say that I haven’t already gushed over with Josie and Bailey?!  I absolutely ADORE the puppies that these two had in 2019.  I mean, just look at those cuties!  And are they just the most fun?!  Totally!  Josie Bear is a sweet, smart cuddle monster.  She loves all of the adventures she shares with her young family all over Oregon.  Why?  Simply because she is with them – spoiled and loved as she deserves!  Bailey Boo – this boy does love the ladies.  But don’t let that fool you!  He is such a total love bug and is such a wonderful companion to his sweet girls at home.  He gets to help keep kids and babies company at his photo studio, too!  He’s pretty special.  And together…amazing.  We have a wonderful rainbow from Caramel to Chocolate with white spots everywhere.  More importantly, they will be perfect for a fun home that loves to give belly rubs and snuggles.  Yummy, yummy, yummy!

These miniature/med rainbow puppies with spots everywhere will arrive at NSL near late January and are going home in late March!  Eeeeee!!  Love that so much!!  Spring puppies so they can go off and have fun in the summer!   OH MY!!  Josie is as big as a HOUSE!  Reservation List is OPEN!!

Below is a collage of Mama Josie, Daddy Bailey and what one of their two previous litters looked like. Can you even stand it?!  Just for you to enjoy!  (Some of the photos of Bailey & Josie is a courtesy of our friend and Bailey’s Guardian, Shanna, owner of Shanna Chess Photography.)


During the summer months, most families are off having adventures of their own.  So rather than sit around with puppies waiting for them, we’ve decided to take summers off as well as most of us top breeders do.  We will start planning for puppies again in September – you’ll see them posted here once we do!

More Litters are planned for both Miniatures and Mediums with (in order) Poppy, Sophie, Rizzo, Rosie, Betty, Lex & Paisley paired with Bailey and Ringo starting in Fall/Winter 2020.  Updates and profiles will be coming soon.  Curious now and have questions, feel free to ask!