Occasionally, NorthStar Labradoodles will retain puppies as potential breeding dogs. Cases in which we are already working with the line within our program, it would be foolish of us to not offer a quality dog for sale or trade with other WALA or ALAA approved breeders’ programs. We will feature these NorthStar Labradoodle puppies below for WALA or ALAA breeders who seek to advance their own programs with our quality health and temperament tested bloodlines.

If you are an approved WALA or ALAA breeder and are interested in a NorthStar Labradoodles breeding dog, know that we strive to maintain great working relationships with other like-minded breeders. We are always upfront about the quality of our puppies in terms of temperament, coat, conformation and genetic health.  For both of our comfort, we make sure to test our breeding quality pups before leave – 150 DNA Test Panel, DNA Profile, Paw Print Coat testing, OFA CAER Exam, OFA Patellar Exam, and OFA Congenital Cardiac Exam so you only need to wait to perform the OFA Elbows and either OFA Hips or PennHips before they are a year old.  Feel free to reach out to chat more!

If you’d like more information, feel free to contact us at any time.

We have an amazing pedigree litter that I’m planning on assessing for a breeder potential.  If you are in search of a medium Bbee ALD coming from a strong line of therapy and service dogs, please reach out to me about our Talk Show Litter with NorthStar’s Bonita Estrellita and NorthStar’s Sirius Magic.  If I didn’t already have these lines, I think I might keep them all!