Here you can see what is going on with our newborn NorthStar Labradoodles Puppies and their Mamas when we have a litter on the ground. Feel free to share the love and get lost watching them – we sure do!  

These puppies grow and change so fast every day! Check in often to see how they grow!!

Come and see our NSL PuppyCams!! Check in often to see them grow and play more and more every day!! (We do turn them off when we are cleaning, need privacy because we are in our jammies or if they are sleeping in their crates at night.)  Sometimes we only have one on at a time, so keep checking for when they are ALL on!  

Yay!!  We have Puppies to watch!!

Mama Josie and Papa Bailey puppies have arrived!!  Chunky Puppies in a variety of colors and spots!!  Hope you enjoy watching them grow up!!


Mama Faith’s puppies are Here!  She is just the very best mama!  Keep checking in to watch them grow up!!

Keep checking back – who am I kidding?!  As if I need to tell you that!  Everyone has puppy FOMO!!


Mama Lex’s pups are soooo silly!  Have fun watching their little playful antics!