Our Family

Hello! My name is Julie and I am the Top Dog and MidWoof of NorthStar Labradoodles. I, along with my husband, Shawn, and two children, live in Oregon and enjoy taking full advantage of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Australian Labradoodles came into our lives in 2009 when our son Teagan was a toddler and our daughter Payton was on the way. By that time, we had realized that Teagan was allergic to the fur of our two dogs. We were devastated when they both crossed the Rainbow Bridge within months of each other, but couldn’t see raising our kids without a dog in the family.

We researched breeds that were allergy friendly and non-shedding, which led us to the Australian Labradoodle. They are amazingly intelligent, trainable, healthy, lovable and fun – the epitome of fuzzy love and the perfect family dog!

We first brought home our Dyson and fell in love from day one. When Teagan isn’t playing sports or reading (voted to rewrite the encyclopedia series), he is thinking up daily doggy and puppy adventures. He is also our primary ‘sanitation engineer’. Payton, our little princess, is the artist and social butterfly of the family and loves playing dress-up with the dogs, taking puppy pictures and training the puppies.

Dyson inspired us to form NorthStar Labradoodles. Simply put, we love everything about Australian Labradoodles and want to share that love with other families! That led to a new addition to the family – Roux! Oh my goodness, those eyes! We’ve learned to not look directly into them or we will be slave to her bidding.

Within a month after welcoming Roux into our family, our lives took a drastic turn. We discovered that I had Stage IIIB Breast Cancer and spent a few years fighting and SURVIVING with my family. Dyson and Roux continue to be my therapy dogs throughout this, whether they are keeping me company or playing with the kids.  We have recently discovered that I now have Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer 6 years from the last battle, but I am what we like to call a MetaTHRIVER!  This cancer will win at the end of the day, there is no beating it this time, but we can continue to LIVE each day and spread joy and love throughout our world.  Raising our love bugs and connecting with our NorthStar Families rewards my heart and soul.  I can’t wait for you to be a part of it!  You are welcome to learn more about our journey to the end at Julie’s Caring Bridge Site. (I have left this one here to honor my beautiful wife and to let everyone see our journey. Julie won her wings in May of 2020.)

Shawn was an architectural designer before this, but my fight with cancer inspired him to pursue a career in nursing to help other families in their own health battles. When he isn’t in class learning about the intricacies of the human body, he is caring for our NorthStar Labradoodles, me and our kids.  He is AMAZING and we couldn’t do any of this without him.

NorthStar Labradoodles

NorthStar Labradoodles is a Boutique Breeding Program. We choose to truly give the dogs and puppies our complete love and attention. Our dogs do not have large litters, so this allows us the time to train and love all of our puppies under our care. Our saying is we want families waiting for puppies not puppies waiting for families!  Our entire family raises, trains and socializes our dogs. We do not have staff here to do what is our Labor of Love.  NorthStar Labradoodles offers a unique and individualized program with the highest of standards. We dedicate the time and care to raise healthy, happy, well-rounded puppies. While each puppy is crate trained for bedtime, they are never left in a crate. In fact, our puppies are born in our room and have the run of the downstairs once they grow older. When they begin the weaning process, we take time each day to individualize the puppies’ attention, without their siblings, so that we can give them more personal attention and better match them with their new families. Larger programs may claim to do similar socialization and training, but how could they with so many dogs and puppies? We raise our NSL puppies the way that we would want our own puppies to start their lives out.

We understand that proper puppy socialization is key to a happy dog. And with two children, each puppy is not only well socialized, but also loved more than you can imagine!  We also work with the Puppy Culture methods of puppy rearing so that your NorthStar Labradoodle will be that amazingly well rounded and happy puppy that we are all seeking.

We only work with top breeders who are as committed to this labor of love as we are. This is why we are a proud Starred Member Breeder of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) AND a Gold and Silver Paw Breeder for Excellence in Health Testing with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA).

With our dedication, we are proud to provide a Three-Year Health Warranty to give you additional peace of mind. This allows you to appreciate and simply enjoy your new bundle of love – a NorthStar Labradoodle!

Our Mission

We strive to do the Right Thing in every aspect of our lives and to provide for our pets as they have for us  – with Love and Purpose.

And that is our Mission. Love and Purpose.

Here you can see where we have spread the joy of that Mission of Love with over 200 NorthStar Families!