Guardian Home


The information provided below is for our pet families to have an understanding of what a Guardian Home requires.

Calling all dog lovers! As an Australian Labradoodle breeder, we believe in providing the best for our furry friends. That’s why we are so grateful for our amazing guardian homes and always on the lookout for more enthusiastic individuals like you!

Our Guardian Program is the perfect way to ensure our puppies receive all the love and attention they deserve. By becoming a guardian home, you get to have a precious NorthStar Labradoodle puppy as part of your family. It’s a true partnership that benefits everyone involved!

Labradoodles are known for their social nature and their desire to be an integral part of their human families. They thrive on love, companionship, and being involved in the daily happenings of a loving home. Our puppies have been raised with utmost care and love, and now they are ready to find their forever families.

So, are you ready to open your heart and home to one of our precious Labradoodle puppies? Join our Guardian Program and experience the joy and unconditional love that comes with being a Labradoodle guardian. It’s a decision that will bring wagging tails, endless cuddles, and a lifetime of memories.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Contact us today and let’s make your home a forever home for one of our adorable Labradoodle puppies. Together, we can make tails wag and hearts soar!

NorthStar Labradoodles owns the breeding rights and requires access to the puppy a few times throughout the year for testing, breeding and socialization.

For females, we require that she visits us throughout the year so that she is familiar with our family. Aside from testing and breeding, she will need to stay with us a week before the puppies’ due date, until the puppies are weaned. Afterwards, the dog will return to your home to the family it knows and loves. For males, we will need him for approved pairings, which may only be within an hour’s notice.

Our Guardian Families have the benefit of the pick of the litter without a reservation fee, but need to be prepared for the additional responsibility that this entails for training, grooming, diet and veterinary care. It is this care that is your proof of dedication to the Guardian Dog and the NorthStar Labradoodles program. This care is your ‘payment’ for the Guardian Dog.

Upon retirement, we will have your dog spayed or neutered. Then, they will remain with your family forever!

Guardian Home Opportunities!

If you need to add a piece of deliciousness to your family and want to be a part of NorthStar Labradoodles, please read on and fill out the application below. We are currently interviewing for guardian families for the upcoming litters of future NorthStars!  Looking forward to hearing from you when you’re ready to be a  part of our NSL Family!

Requirements and Benefits


  • These pick of the litter puppies are no charge to you – we ask that you raise her to our loving standards, be committed to what we represent and work with us as payment to be her future forever home during our Guardianship partnership
  • We will pay your trainer a portion of the cost if you take the time to certify your dog in Agility Trials or as a Certified Therapy Dog
  • The puppy will be completely health tested for congenital problems at no cost to you
  • You will have the joy of owning the very best that NorthStar Labradoodles has to offer


  • For Breeding Girls, live within a 1-hour drive of Bend, Oregon.
  • For Breeding Boys, live within a 1-hour drive of Bend, Oregon
  • Own your home.
  • Keep the dog as an indoor pet and have a fenced yard and commit to always leashing for outdoor ventures.
  • Have a schedule that does not require you to leave the dog alone for long periods of time.
  • Be prepared to heavily socialize our NSL Guardian Puppy/Dog in all types of situations.
  • Commit to a very high level of professional training with our NSL Puppy/Dog – this is imperative!  Animal behaviorists as trainers is preferred.
    • By four months of age, all NSL Guardian dogs are required to have a minimum of one week’s worth of Board & Train instruction from Leane Caldwell in White City, Oregon.
  • Maintain open communication and provide regular updates and pictures. Phone pictures are fun, but we would prefer regular camera quality pictures as well (e.g. notify before grooming and share pictures).  Monthly pictures at a minimum – weekly pictures during breeding/pregnancy.
  • Bring the dog to us throughout the year.
  • Commit to good health care and feed the dog quality food that we approve which is preferably fresh food and never commercial kibble.
  • Cover all veterinary care, aside from the genetic testing that we provide, such as annual vaccines and regular check ups.
  • Have the dog covered by a pet insurance plan of your choosing.
  • Have the dog on a leash in public areas.
  • Know the behaviors associated with intact males and females.
  • Understand that the dogs are the property of NorthStar Labradoodles until their breeding career is completed before 6 years old and we have transferred ownership documentation to you after having them spayed or neutered.
    • Most females retire near 3yo.  Their career is three litters of 5 puppies.
    • Males need to be available after they are mature enough – they do love their job!
  • Most importantly, provide the dog with lots of love!!! That’s what this is all about!

We are planning on having 2 or more upcoming Guardian opportunities in 2023-2024

Join us in our mission to spread love, one wagging tail at a time fill out an application !