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So excited for your NorthStar Labradoodles puppy??!!  Not sure what supplies to get?  We are here to help!!

We’ve gone through some of our favorite things and made a Facebook shop for you!  You can buy directly through the links on the Facebook page or use them to guide you to find other items.  We chose this way to make it convenient for our NorthStar Labradoodles families.  We have arranged them into groups – books, starter items, grooming items, food and fun extras.  Find something that you think is amazing?  Let me know so I can try it out!

Ready to go shopping for Puppy?  Follow this link!

 NorthStar Labradoodles Supply Store


Here are some other items that I highly recommend but are not available on Amazon – check them out!


Absolutely a must-have for your dog!  Thornit Powder prevents all kinds of ear problems.  Sprinkle just a bit every month into their ear and you will minimize ear issues.  That’s what we do! Stop, don’t keep scrolling.  You NEED this – really, really!

Thornit Ear Powder

Who is looking for a versatile, washable, comfy cozy blanket for their NorthStar?  I met the designer and small business owner of Wash’n Zip Pet Bed and am SOLD! The whole thing can be unzipped and washed to keep the whole thing smelling great!  No weird bunching or trying to stuff the stuffing back in.  It can be a cover in the car or on the sofa, crate bed or dog bed/pillow!  There’s even a Puppy Proofer cover for those curious little mouths so they can’t get the zipper!  Versatile, simple and brilliant!  Happy to replace the gazillion other dog beds and blankets we’ve always used in the past and support a small, family owned business.  Because we had such a lovely chat, this company has offered our NorthStars a 15% Discount by using our code NORTHSTAR.  I’m getting one for all of our dogs!  Love it!  Head to  Wash’n Zip Pet Bed  to learn more! This is my new favorite pet bed and throw!


For many years, we have confidently used Equerry’s Natural Diet Supplement when making our fresh food diet.  It has stood the test of time and supported some very healthy dogs and puppies.  Made right here in Oregon,

The Natural Diet Supplement is specifically formulated for canine and feline diets consisting of raw, partially-cooked, or fully cooked meats and vegetables. Probiotics have a benefit to many animals, but are considered a necessity to animals on a raw diet. Probiotics help to increase digestion, boost the immune system, and increase overall health. Multiple species of micro-encapsulated probiotics, digestion enzymes, plus the addition of natural products, combine to help dogs and cats break down raw meat. In addition, we have added a balanced blend of vitamins to fortify and balance your ration.

Adds a natural balance of live Digestive Enzymes and Encapsulated Microbial Populations.

A Selected profile of Vitamins and Minerals – Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin E



(Click on Link Below to Order)

Equerry’s Natural Diet Supplement


We have recently investigated and reviewed NuVet Plus vitamins and powder.  The puppies and dogs LOVE them!  We truly believe that this is a healthy option to make sure that our NorthStars are getting the complete nutrition that they deserve.  This is an ideal supplement whether you are feeding a homemade fresh or commercial food to make sure that your NorthStar is absolutely healthy.  You have the option of a daily chewable or using the powder instead in the food.  Do what works for you!  There’s hoping and there’s knowing….this is Knowing.  

(Click on any part of the information below for more information and to order.  You will need to use the Code in order to get the automatic discounts that come with it.)

nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements header

Call Us Toll Free: (800) 474-7044

Order Code: 41301

Save 15% with Autoship

nuvet labs dogs cats vitamins supplements veterinarian recommended

INSURANCE!!  How many times have I talked and emailed about the importance of pet insurance?!  Maaaybe a million or so?  I want you all to do your research and pick which plan works for you and your NorthStar puppy.  A great place to start isTop Rated Pet Insurance Plans .  I will add here, that Trupanion which has great customer service and support, has a program that allows our new families to try them out at no charge for one month.  Now here is one of the key reasons that I think Trupanion is a great option – Trupanion is the only company with the technology to pay your veterinarian directly in minutes at the time of checkout. Imagine no paying out of pocket, submitting paper claims, then waiting for approval and reimbursement. All you have to do is pay your portion of the bill and they take care of the rest, directly to your veterinary hospital.  This is for urgent and emergency purposes – accidents absolutely happen with puppies.  I would rather you had insurance and never had to use it than not have it and wish you had even one time.  If you choose to take advantage of this no charge month, you can only activate it the day before-day after Puppy is 8 weeks old to activate it.  Your NorthStar code is BR1NS51216 when you head to Trupanion Activation Page .

Sooo, what’s one of the most fun thing EVER to do for your NorthStar?  Ummm, getting them gifts!  This monthly box is sooo fun and really just the best items.  Everyone LOVES getting these every month!  So much fun!  Just click here -> NorthStar BarkBox and it will take you straight there!  Happy Tails, Indeed!!  

Collars!  I get asked often where in the world do we get our collars that we send our NorthStars home with.  I gladly recommend “Collars by Woofus”.  This wonderful lady that makes these used to be a breeder of ALDs as well.  These are really a wonderful quality and you can have all kinds of patterns that are lovingly handmade just as your NorthStar deserves.  You can order directly from her FB page.  She will respond immediately and get you all taken care of.  Let her know its for a NorthStar Dood!  You can follow this link here –> CollarsbyWoofus

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